“After being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes last year and on the recommendation of my GP, I decided to lose weight in an effort to avoid taking medication. Susanne was recommended to me by a friend who had experienced a lot of success by using her dietary/lifestyle approach to combat Diabetes. I booked a consultation and was quickly put at ease by Susanne's warm and confident manner. She took a full case history and made a number of general and specific recommendations with respect to diet, exercise and relaxation which I followed reasonably strictly. After six months, I had lost a substantial amount of weight and my blood sugar levels had stabilized. One year on I feel fitter than ever and the great thing is that I didn't have to give up everything I love – Susanne showed me how to combine and prepare foods (including lots of her own very tasty recipes) in ways that helped me to lose weight and avoid the blood sugar spikes that I had previously experienced. I would definitely recommend Susanne to anybody who has any sort of health problem and wants to avoid medication if at all possible.”

~ John McKeown – Oxon


“My lovely mother-in-law paid for me to go and see Susanne as a post-baby present. I was feeling a bit low, as I had mistakenly thought my excess weight would disappear with the birth! I was worried about ‘dieting’ as I was breastfeeding. Susanne was great. She helped me plan menus around highly nutritious foods that would allow me to shed those pounds and not feel hungry. They were easy to do meals around simple everyday ingredients that my partner would enjoy too. I am fairly new to the world of family cooking so the planning ahead and preparation tips were really useful. She encouraged me to keep up my exercises and gave me some relaxation exercises too, which only took 10 minutes a day but I felt much better for doing them. I have been introduced to some foods that I had never tried before and I've learnt a little more about general nutrition, which will help me to feed my baby well as he grows. I have lost over a stone and feel fantastic – thanks Susanne!”

~ Jane Pilkington – Oxford


“As a full-time, practising Psychologist, I was reluctant to admit that ‘I too’ had personal worries that were blighting my life. A colleague recommended Susanne and I booked a session. Her style was friendly but professional and I felt relaxed enough to be able to share my concerns with her straightaway. After three months I feel in a very different space. I am greatly impressed by the whole person approach, which seems to be the hallmark of Susanne's method, and the lack of a prescriptive approach to my difficulties has been deeply refreshing. As I now carry on with my life, I have a renewed sense of who I am and feel confident moving forward. My problems haven’t gone away but I am now far more at ease with them. I am genuinely indebted to Susanne for opening up my mind to so many new possibilities. Thank you.”

~ David G